Pégase +


Its asset : its options to meet all your needs.

The Pegasus plus gains in standard equipment for a very aesthetic rendering.



  • Smooth bridge
  • Painted aluminum body angles
  • Rear wheel arches
  • Reminder of the lights at the top of the rear panel


  • Contoured alcove
  • Comfort floor in the horse section
  • Additional bay on the left side of the truck
  • 2-leaf door above the bridge

All options


  • Body angles in painted aluminum profiles
  • Rear wheel arches
  • Smooth deck, covered with a non-slip mat and assisted by gas struts
  • Key lock on the side bridge
  • Side awning above the deck assisted by a gas spring
  • 2nd horse restraint chain
  • Lockable rear central door
  • 2 ventilation grilles on the back
  • Reminder of the lights at the top of the body
  • 2 interior lights controlled from the upholstery
  • Roof ventilator
  • Sliding window between cabin and horse compartment
  • Floor covered with non-slip mat equipped with 2 drain plugs
  • Fixed wall forming a chest bar
  • Adjustable sidewall every 5cm
  • Upholstery floor covered with non-slip gray PVC with two drain plugs
  • Painting of the steel elements used and body in white panel color (RAL 9010)
  • Stickers


  • Deep cabin
  • Door on deep cabin
  • Sliding window (s) on deep cabin
  • Contoured alcove
  • 2-leaf door above the bridge
  • Bay on rear door
  • Electric roof ventilator (manual fitted as standard)
  • Sliding window on left side panel in the horse section
  • 2 video cameras (monitoring horses and reversing)
  • Pre-wiring video cameras
  • Comfort floor in horse compartment
  • Rubber bib forming shelf
  • Aluminum shelf
  • Fixed aluminum feeder
  • Full head separation
  • Blanket storage shelf
  • Horse compartment temperature sensor, digital indicator in the cabin
  • Stall
  • Sliding aluminum side wall
  • 4 side dimples
  • 2 rear padding
  • 2 head dimples
  • Closed saddlery (high partition between horse section and saddlery)
  • Opening hatch (between horse section and saddlery)
  • Saddlery equipment (2 saddle racks, 4 net racks)
  • Shelves distributed in the upholstery
  • External attachment ring (s)
  • Non-slip aluminum rear step
  • Hitch on short overhang
  • Hitch on long overhang
  • Cab paint in a non-metallic color
  • Body paint in a non-metallic color
  • Metallic paint (Cabin and Body)

All our vehicles are delivered in accordance with the highway code and with livestock approval.
Used vehicles are delivered revised and guaranteed.

Certification « Opérateur Qualifié VUL N°VUL/22.063128» délivrée par l’UTAC We have the “Qualified VUL Operator N ° VUL / 22.063128” certification issued by UTAC (Union Technique de l’Automobile du Motocycle et du Cycle). This allows us to certify the conformity of the Light Commercial vehicles that we body, and to issue the bodywork certificates and attestations necessary for registration, without having to present the bodywork in DREAL.